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Avfall Sverige – the Swedish Waste Management Association

Avfall Sverige is the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling association with 400 members from both the public and the private waste management and recycling sectors. 99,9 per cent of the Swedish population are represented through Avfall Sverige. Avfall Sverige represents its members in dealings with politicians, other decision makers, authorities and media, both in Sweden and internationally.

Avfall Sverige’s members makes sure that waste is collected and recycled in all municipalities nationally. In accordance with our vision "Zero Waste", the Swedish municipalities and public companies are the facilitators for the transition towards waste minimization and reuse.

Avfall Sverige was founded in 1947. It is a stakeholder and trade association in the field of waste management and recycling.

The main activities are:

  • to monitor development and safeguard member's interests
  • to exchange experience
  • to work with development and investigations
  • to educate and disseminate knowledge
  • to provide information

The office in Malmö has a staff of 17 employees. The representation office in Stockholm has a staff of 2 employees.

Disseminating knowledge

Avfall Sverige arranges about ten conferences and seminars each year, with the Annual General Meeting and the Autumn Meeting as the major events. In addition, over 20 courses and 30-40 meetings are held each year in different working groups, committees, and project groups.

How to contact us

Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management
Baltzarsgatan 25, S-211 36 Malmö, Sweden
Tel. Int + 46 40 356600 (switchboard)
E-mail office@avfallsverige.se

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