Avfall Sverige – the Swedish Waste Management Association

Avfall Sverige is the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling association with 400 members from both the public and the private waste management and recycling sectors. All of the Swedish population are represented through Avfall Sverige. Avfall Sverige represents its members in dealings with politicians, other decision makers, authorities and media, both in Sweden and internationally.

Avfall Sverige’s members makes sure that waste is collected and recycled in all municipalities nationally. In accordance with our vision "Zero Waste", the Swedish municipalities and public companies are the facilitators for the transition towards waste minimization and reuse.

Avfall Sverige was founded in 1947. It is a stakeholder and trade association in the field of waste management and recycling.

The main activities are: 

  • to monitor development and safeguard member's interests
  • to exchange experience
  • to work with development and investigations
  • to educate and disseminate knowledge
  • to provide information 

The office in Malmö has a staff of 17 employees. The representation office in Stockholm has a staff of 2 employees.

Disseminating knowledge 

Avfall Sverige arranges about ten conferences and seminars each year, with the Annual General Meeting and the Autumn Meeting as the major events. In addition, over 20 courses and 30-40 meetings are held each year in different working groups, committees, and project groups.

Promoting the exchange of experience

One of the most important tasks is to promote the exchange of experience between members. This takes place in many ways, but the core of the work consists of the contributions by the members to the eight working groups. These groups usually meet twice a year.

To broaden the exchange of information, the working groups hold seminars on current issues. In several working groups there are short- or long-term project groups dealing with special matters. The working groups include a total of about 100 people, and many more are involved in various project groups.

To support and encourage the younger workers to establish contact networks in this sphere, the association has laid the foundation for regional and national meetings and seminars. The network for young people includes representatives of the members and authorities and government departments.

Influencing decision makers

The increasingly swift rate of change in our world makes greater demands of knowledge, competence, and resources if we are to assert the members' interests. Contacts with decision makers, authorities, government departments, and ongoing government inquiries are increasing in scope. This chiefly concerns the Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministry of the Environment, but other departments, authorities, and organizations as well. It is becoming increasingly important to maintain contacts with related specialist organizations in the fields of energy and environment, and in particular business associations for established and envisaged producer responsibility. 

Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management actively contributes its viewpoints when political decisions are submitted for comment. A steady flow of such referrals gives the association many contacts with the authorities.

Information activities and development projects

Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management has a great deal of information activities, the most important being the magazine Avfall och Miljö, the newsletter and the website. These are aimed not only at members but also other interest groups, such as politicians, authorities, and the media. Each year Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management also publishes 30-35 technical reports.

Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management pursues its own development projects. This is not research in the strict sense, but more practical development projects, above all through a joint investment which from 1999 will give just over SEK 6 million annually, and also by special ventures undertaken by certain members in the sphere of landfill, incineration and biological treatment to a total of SEK 2.5 million annually.

How to contact us 

Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management
Baltzarsgatan 25, S-211 36 Malmö, Sweden
Tel. Int + 46 40 356600 (switchboard)
E-mail office@avfallsverige.se

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