International collaboration

Together with equivalent associations in Norway, Denmark, and Finland, Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management has set up a network for the exchange of information between the associations. Iceland is now also involved in this collaboration.

Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management is a member of Municipal Waste Europe. The objective of Municipal Waste Europe is to safeguard the interest of municipalities and public entities responsible for policy and operation in the field of waste management, thus including sorting, collection, recycling, recovery and disposal as well as administration, economics, planning, education and development.

Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management is active in several of the working groups and committees of ISWA, the International Solid Waste Association. ISWA is a federation of organizations, local authorities, and private companies in the field of waste management. It carries on long-term work to promote the exchange of experience and raise the standard of waste management in the world. Today ISWA has almost 1,200 members in 70 countries.

In Brussels Avfall Sverige acts through CEWEP, Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants, which represents the interests of stakeholders in the energy recovery sector.

ECN, European Compost Network, works with issues related to sustainable recycling practices in composting and other biological treatment processes of organic resources.

Avfall Sverige’s advisory consultants contribute their particular expertise in each organisation.

The international market

Several members of Avfall Sverige are interested in taking on international projects. They are highly experienced waste managers with in-depth expertise in waste collection, recycling and operation of waste management facilities of various kinds. Our members also work with policymakers and communicate with citizens to gain their trust and participation. Some members are private companies that are active in the international market as suppliers of systems, equipment and/or expertise.

The Swedish Local Government act prohibits Swedish municipalities from building, owning or operating waste management systems in other countries, but they are permitted to act as partners in the international market if the conditions are reasonable and the timing is right. While the stakeholders in our international group have deep local roots, they share an ambition to spread our good results as partners in international projects.

The international coordinator at Avfall Sverige can guide interested parties towards suitable Swedish private companies that can supply other countries with systems, expertise, hardware, software, plants/facilities or assistance with other key issues related to developing a waste management system based on Swedish advances in the field.

Contact: Stellan Jacobsson, Coordinator - International activities

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